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Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> the very first bill he signed into law as president was to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. >> lisa and her little daughter will be following the first lady's instructions by encouraging others to vote. >> we go to a reading group, all women, great time to talk to women about the issues of being a mom and how barack obama is pushing womens issues. >> there are so many signs that we are headed in the right direction. the stock market has doubled. housing prices are rising. the unemplis the lowest it's been since my husband took office. >> the first lady told these virginia voters, you are the key. >> we need you to work like you've never worked before. >> the voter registration deadline in virginia is this monday, october 15. the election is now just 28 days away. >> love you all so much. >> in loudoun county, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> republican nominee, mitt romney, bolstered by new polls to show him closing the gap is focusing his attention on ohio. romney appeared at a rally this evening. he was joined by chris cristie. romney plans to campaign in ohio d
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
signed the civil law protection act in march, but opposition groups got the issue put to voter referendum november 6th. >> once people have an opportunity to think about this issue a little more, i think you'll see marylanders supporting question 6 because it will protect every child's home equally under the law while also protecting religious freedom. >> reporter: another ravens player is speak out publicly on question 6. center matt birk is in a tv ad for the other side. >> i'm ravens center matt birk. marriage is not easy. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> reporter: on the streets of federal hill we found most saying they'll be voting for question 6. >> i'm all for gay marriage. so i guess is that a yes or no? >> reporter: that's a for. >> i'll be voting for question 6. >> 100% voting for question 6 no doubt. >> reporter: but maryland voters opposed to gay marriage say their votes will building counted. >> against gay marriage because i -- will be counted. >> against gay marriage because i believe a man and woman is supposed to be married. >> report
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
law. >> reporter: the university automatically admits most of its students based upon their rank in their high school class, put 1/4 of texas freshman are admitted based upon a formula made up of many factors, one of which is race. texas president bill powers said if the supreme court prevents that -- >> we would not be giving the kind of education to all of our students that would be preparing them to work in a global and diverse world, be a setback for our students and our society. >> reporter: powers says diversity benefits all students, but chief justice john roberts wanted to know how the university would determine when it had a critical mass of diversity on campus. justice anthony kennedy could be a key swing vote. he appeared skeptical telling the texas delegation what you're saying is what counts is race above all. justice sonia sotomayer said the decision looks to gut the law. a decision is not expected until spring. beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> bricks and mortar trying to compete with online retailers could mean good news for you, why it could lead to easier shipping of yo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3